Adoption & Permanency Matters Webinars

What is it?

Adoption and Permanency Matters’ Online Education Series is an exciting, new way of learning more about adoption and permanency journeys and how best to support children, youth, adults and families on them. We offer live webinars, on-demand, audio conversations, panels & discussions.

What is the cost?

To meet the needs of our community during COVID-19, the ACO is making our webinars available at NO cost.

How do I register?

Click “register today” on the list of courses below to register for an upcoming session!

Upcoming Live Webinars

Special Offering: Intro to FASD

On International FASD Day!
Thursday, September 9th, 2021
12 pm-1:30 pm

On-Demand Webinars & Conversations*

*These webinars and conversations are copyrighted to the ACO and are for personal use only. They are not to be copied, downloaded, disseminated or used in any other capacity without the written permission of the ACO.

Resources for Back to Reality & Back to School conversations.

New! Re-entering the World: Yay! (& Yikes!)

New! Back to School 2021: Help!

The Importance of Permanency for our Children & Youth

The Importance of Siblings

Adoption & Your Extended Family

ACEs, the Brain & Developmental Trauma

Internet & Social Media Considerations for Adoptive Families

Older Child Adoption: Journey into the Unknown

Making Openness Work for Kids and Families

Parenting Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

Permanency and Adoption Competency Training (PACT) Program Webinar

Understanding the Lens of Adoption for Professionals

Supporting Children’s Transition Back to School

A Conversation About Learning & School During COVID

Panel Discussion: Parenting Teens on Adoption & Permanency Journeys

Developmental Trauma & COVID-19: A Virtual DTAA Panel Discussion

What do previous participants have to say about these sessions?

“I enjoyed it quite a lot, I found a lot of my experiences and feelings as a young adult adoptee were validated!”

“The presenter was knowledgeable, shared excellent relevant examples, and I found the slides clear and easy to follow.”

“The webinars you are making available are fantastic! Thank you for providing these training opportunities.”